Common Servo Motor Failures

Common Servo FaultsTo ensure a successful servo motor repair, you need to be proficient in all areas of electro-mechanical repair and electronic repair.

Here are some common problems we see:

Mechanical Faults

  • Bearings and bearing housings
  • Grease, oil or cutting fluid contamination inside the motor
  • Grease, oil or cutting fluid contamination inside the brake
  • Shaft keyway or coupling failure
  • Rotor magnet failures
  • Out of balance rotors
  • Motor brake wear
  • Worn brushes or commutators (DC types)
  • Carbon build up (DC types)

Electrical Faults

  • Motor winding failures
  • Brake coil failures
  • Shorted wiring connections
  • Broken wiring connections or faulty connectors
  • Electromechanical tacho faults

Electronic Faults

  • Encoder output or position count faults
  • Encoder alignment
  • Encoder Memory faults or corruption
  • Electronic Tacho faults
  • Memory battery failure
  • Resolver failure
  • Faulty components on PCB’s
  • Op-amp failures
  • Driver IC failures