Air Handling
Unit Repair

If it blows or sucks, you can bet that one day it'll need some attention.  Air handling units are usually critical to a process.

Luckily for them they usually have some form of monitoring carried out. Over 50% of our Meerkat installs are to air handling units to identify any potential issue before a sudden failure happens.

Most of the time the problems identified are wear in the bearings. This is usually because of lubrication issues or imbalance in the fan causing the wear. We don’t just go for a bearing change here. We want to fully refurbish any unit to make sure it will perform reliably on site and more importantly, last.


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Any air handling unit will be fully stripped down and inspected. We use a coordinate measuring machine to measure all critical dimensions with an accuracy of 2-3 microns. That means that all the bearing fits will be measured and correct to ISO tolerances. The fan will be balanced to an enhanced balance grade, usually G1.0 but at the very least G2.5. This means less vibration from the fan and less wear to the bearings for a longer service life.

When our engineers have expertly rebuilt your air handling unit, used all the fancy equipment to align shafts, align pulleys and correctly tension the belts, we will then perform a test run and take all vibration data. This information is really useful for your reliability team to have when recommissioning your equipment on site.

Key services

  • Direct driven
  • Belt driven
  • Vacuum
  • HVAC
  • Bifuricated
  • Hygenic
  • Full electrical and mechanical refurbishment
  • Belt & pully alignment
  • Bearing arrangement upgrades
  • Failure analysis
  • Vibration analysis
  • Wireless condition monitoring
  • Enhanced G1.0 balancing

Air Handling Unit News

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