New innovation in the repair industry

Fletcher Moorland have always been innovators in the repair industry, in late 2015 we launched SERVICEview where customers are updated on their repairs by means of a video.

This successful innovation has seen many videos created and emailed to our customers with information such as an update on the repair, fault found with a motor, an explanation of the repair process we are recommending, a diagnostic report on a generator, the programming of an encoder on a servo motor, a flame-path condition report on an Ex motor, the load testing of a VSD, the screen on a repaired HMI and many, many others.



VSD Load Test


SERVICEview is simply accessed by clicking a link on an email, we have designed this system to allow direct communication with our BOS computer operating system too, this means a communication channel can be opened up with the engineers and workshop repairing your equipment.

SERVICEview is free to our customers and if you want a video update, diagnostic report or final test video to be carried out, please speak with your account manager or our customer services team when you next send an item over for repair.