Servo Motor

It was back in the early 1980s that we setup a servo motor repair department. they were much more simple back then than they are now however techniques to repair them were not widely understood.

We were the pioneers of servo motor repairs in the UK. It was interesting figuring out how they worked and designing test facilities for them. It’s our 35+ years’ experience in servo motor repairs that really does give us an authority in the trade.

We would not simply say ‘of course we can repair your servo motor!’

Critical Part
of Success


There are thousands of types out there, after all we’ve seen thousands of them, so we know. Each type requires different diagnostic equipment to firstly test the servo motor, repair it, then to run test it afterwards. Back in the good old 80s and 90s most servo motors were encoder or resolver types and it was the alignment of these that was most important.

Nowadays most of the servo motors we repair have electronic nameplate data held within programmable encoders. It’s understanding how each type works and what’s needed to successfully repair them. We’re good at that.

Servo motors are still electric motors. Having an electric motor repair workshop alongside our servo repair workshop is crucial for us. After all, over 60% of the servo motors we repair require either a rewind or mechanical work to the shaft and/or bearing fits, or brake assembly. The most critical part of a successful servo motor repair is the final testing.

We have a dynamic load test rig. That basically means we are able to test your servo motor in a way that it would perform on your machinery. It tests the servo motor to full power in each direction and checks the holding and breakaway torque of the brake too, all at the nominal operating temperature of the servo motor. What’s more, we will take a video of the test being carried out to prove the repair to you.


Key services

  • lAC & DC servo motors
  • Spindle motors
  • Stepper motors
  • Combination drive/servo motors
  • Dynamic load testing to 60Nm
  • Dynamic brake testing
  • Full mechanical refurbishment
  • Class ‘H’ rewinds
  • Encoder re-programming
  • Drivecliq module reprogramming
  • Re-magnetising facility
  • SERVICEview videos of testing
  • Sick/Stegman programming
  • Heidenhain programming
  • Mitchell TI300 & TI5000
  • 12 month standard warranty
  • 35+ year experience

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