Servo Motor Repair

servo motor repair

Fletcher Moorland is a specialist servo motor repair company based in the UK. We were one of the first companies in the country to offer a reliable servo motor service, back in the 1980’s. Being able to repair and test servo motors requires electrical, electronic and mechanical skills. Without all these skills a servo motor repair cannot be attempted. It is a competitive business and there are many start-up companies who market themselves as having the same capabilities and experience, in truth they rarely do. This can damage the reputation of the industry with poor quality and unreliable repairs. There are less than five companies in the UK we believe have all the skills required and we welcome this true competition as it is good for the trade.

We carry out over 2000 servo motor repairs a year from our dedicated servo motor repair facility where we can prove to fully load test servo motors after repair. Our load test centre produces both static and dynamic loads up to 60Nm to fully test the power a servo motor can deliver.

We are continually investing in test equipment as we see new and more complex types of servo motor coming to us each month. Servo motor repairs aren’t something a company just does, it’s something that requires continual investment and training, at Fletcher Moorland we do that.

Don’t just take our word for it, we welcome you to visit and see our flagship service.

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