Variable Speed
Drive Repair

Variable speed drives (vsds), variable frequency drives or inverter drives, whatever your preferred terminology is, are the most common type of repair we see in our electronic automation repair workshop.

That’s probably no surprise as they are the workhorse of the automation industry and in our opinion have the hardest working life. There are many reasons for VSDs to fail, it could be that the motor has short circuited and blown the power stage, or one of many capacitors has come to the end of its life. Whatever the reason we have skilled diagnostic engineers whose job it is to find the reason why. A great deal of the VSDs we see in our workshop are obsolete, that doesn’t mean they can’t be repaired, it’s just that the OEM has made them obsolete. Repairs can be carried out reliably and cost effectively.


VSD Repair


We’re not the type of company to just repair a fault then send the VSD back to you, if some components have aged or failed then it could just be a short time later that others do. Our VSD repair process is a full refurbishment. We will replace all components that either have a ‘hard’ fault or those that we know degrade with age. In most cases we will replace with components that have a higher working temperature threshold as we know these will last longer. Typical components are electrolytic capacitors, opto-isolators, relays and cooling fans. All solder joints are reflowed too, as we know this helps to provide a long-lasting refurbishment.

The final critical step is the verification of our repair work. All VSDs are powered up with a suitable motor and are run under loaded conditions. We fortunately have a 350 amp load rig to test all VSDs. Under load, a VSD is working hard, it’s doing what it would on site and all components are being fully tested. It’s only after a satisfactory load test that we will send a repaired VSD back to you. As a verification, a SERVICEview video of the test will be emailed.

Key services

  • AC inverter drives
  • DC thyristor drives
  • Servo drives
  • Stepper drives
  • Soft starters
  • 350 Amp load test bench
  • Full refurbishment and upgrade of wearing parts
  • Replacement of capacitors, opto-isolators, relays, cooling fans, analogue switches
  • IPC7711/21 rework standards
  • Thermal image capture of PCBs
  • Extended performance testing
  • SERVICEview video of testing
  • 12 month standard warranty
  • Heidenhain programming
  • Mitchell TI300 & TI5000

Variable Speed News

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