Electric Motor

A very simple philosophy runs throughout our electric motor repair workshop, that all repairs and rewinds are to be as good as, if not better than new.

It’s not just something we say. We can prove it. Head to our website to take a look at our electric motor repair specification. Not all rewind companies do the same thing or work to the same standards. Ours is there with the best in the trade. We can say that with confidence too. We’ve achieved the EASA Accreditation for assuring the efficiency and reliability of repaired electric motors. We hold the IECEx certified service facility certificate for Ex equipment repairs. A recent highlight is ABB recognising us as one of their Value Providers for electric motor sales and service. You benefit from our high standards too, we give a three-year guarantee on 3 phase AC motor rewinds, that’s often higher than many OEMs.

IECEx Certificates



Reliability of our repairs is key. We don’t just repair your equipment, we will fully refurbish it and add-in reliability improvements to make sure your motors run smoother and last longer. Such things as using class ‘H’ insulation in our rewinds which is a superior grade to standard OEM class ‘F’. We will balance all rotating items to G1.0 balance grade which is superior to most new motors. All bearing journals and housings will be measured to ISO tolerances using a coordinate measuring machine. After all, over 50% of motor failures are bearing related. We find this is an area most often overlooked and must contribute to this fact.

When we’ve returned a motor to you, we’re not really interested in seeing it again. That’s why we have a dedicated reliability team here to help keep your motors running. These guys can help with correct installation and alignment, site improvements and upgrades, also monitoring the motors to ensure you get the best out of them.


Key services

  • Lifting up to 10 Tonnes
  • AC motor rewinds to 3.3Kv
  • DC motor rewinds to 1000v
  • Linear and turntable motor rewinds
  • ABB Value Provider
  • Ex Motors – IECEx certified service facility
  • EASA Accredited repair
  • Class ‘H’ insulation as standard.
  • Bearing fit measurement to 2-3 microns
  • VPI as standard
  • 12Kv Baker Advanced
  • Winding Analyser
  • Load testing to 350 Amps
  • Controlled pyrolysis oven to maintain motor core efficiency
  • De-gaussing & temperature controlled bearing heater
  • FAG & SKF bearings as standard
  • Lexseco core loss tester
  • Enhanced G1.0 balance grade
  • SERVICEview video to report condition and diagnosis
  • Vibration and conformance check report

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