Electric Motor Repair

Electric Motor RepairElectric motors are amongst the highest reliability incident reports for many companies. This leads to a continual cycle of costly electric motor repair, inconsistent quality and unplanned downtime factors that can hurt your bottom line.

Fletcher Moorland is ‘SKF certified’ to carry out electric motor repairs. This means we go further than most standard rewind companies, not only repair and refurbish your motor but to provide root cause failure analysis on why it has failed. We consistently provide electric motor repairs and refurbishments that are better than new motors!

Why choose Fletcher Moorland for your electric motor repair?

At Fletcher Moorland Limited we are passionate about quality and best practice.

We ensure that all of our electric motor repairs are ‘better than new’ and by giving you our expertise on why the electric motor failed you’ll be able to prevent a failure from happening again.

Three reasons to choose an SKF Certified service

  1. The right know-how. Since 40% to 70% of electric motor failures are related to bearings, it’s no surprise that high-quality bearings are key for reliable electric motors. But the right bearings alone won’t deliver the results you need. How parts are installed, lubricated, handled, stored, aligned, transported, and maintained is equally important. Our technicians have all completed extensive training in motor analysis, bearing installation, lubrication systems, and condition monitoring technologies giving them the skills they need to perform optimal diagnoses and repairs.
  2. The right resources. we have access to SKF’s unparalleled collection of parts, tools, and technical support. We are kept up to date with the latest technologies and best practices. And we’re empowered to perform root-cause failure analyses and troubleshooting. In short, we have the resources they need to do your repair right.
  3. The right approach. Becoming SKF certified isn’t a one-time process. Fletcher Moorland must complete regular audits to ensure compliance with our rigorous standards. They must also meet SKF’s requirements for continuous improvement and competence development. Because when we improve, so do your bottom-line benefits including enhanced performance and reduced cost of ownership.

What can you expect from using FML for Electric Motor Repairs:

  • Consistent and high-quality repairs that will provide longer, more reliable motor service life.
  • Support in implementing best-in-class practices across the board.
  • Repairs that use only SKF bearings so that high-quality components become standard and second-rate components are avoided.
  • Better technology from the motor service supplier and access to new technologies.
  • Highly skilled motor service suppliers capable of root-cause failure analysis and troubleshooting.
  • SKF oversight and management of program certification

Brief electric motor repair specification

  • Each electric motor is run and a vibration conformance check is carried out.
  • The motor is stripped and a root cause failure analysis is performed. This includes a strip-down and analysis of the bearings.
  • The electric motor windings are tested using Baker surge test equipment.
  • The bearing housings and journals are ‘8 point’ measured using precision digital micrometers capable of measuring to 3 decimal places to check for correct SKF fit tolerances.
  • The rotor is balanced to an enhanced G1.0 balance specification. (Better than a new motor)
  • All stators are stripped using a controlled pyrolysis (burn off) oven set to 370°C to ensure the motor efficiency is not affected.
  • Lexseco Core loss testing is performed before and after stripping to prove motor efficiency is not affected.
  • Stator rewinds are carried out to full class ‘H’ specification (better than a new electric motor).
  • Genuine SKF bearings are fitted to SKF procedures using a degaussing and temperature controlled bearing heater.
  • The motor feet are checked for flatness.
  • The electric motor is run tested and vibration conformance is recorded and analysed against strict SKF specifications.
  • A compressive service report is compiled and shipped with the repaired electric motor.
  • All rewound motor repairs are covered by a 2-year guarantee (Better than a new electric motor)

Facility capabilities and capacity

  • 10-tonne lifting facility
  • 250-tonne hydraulic pressing facility
  • SKF bearing removal equipment
  • Bearing failure analysis trained engineers
  • Grease analysis equipment
  • 12Kv Baker surge testing
  • Lexseco Core loss testing and certification
  • Controlled pyrolysis (burn off) oven
  • Class ‘H’ rewinds
  • VPI and trickle impregnation
  • Dynamic balancing to Grade G1.0
  • Mechanical reclamation facility including metal spray & coating
  • Degaussing and temperature controlled bearing heater
  • 350 amp dynamic load testing
  • 3.3Kv motor run testing
  • 2000Hz high-frequency test facility
  • Horizontal and vertical orientation testing
  • Thermographic analysis
  • Vibration analysis (Commtest VB7, IRD & SKF Mx Microlog)