What you can
expect from us

From the first contact you’ll feel a willingness to help you solve whatever engineering issues you have. Whether it’s an urgent breakdown situation and you need your equipment back up and running quickly, or it’s our help to upgrade part of your process, we will get the right department helping you.

Usually, the first time we are called is when there is a breakdown situation and an urgent repair is needed. That’s why our workshops are open and manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and have been since 1985. We know that having a true 24-hour manned workshop helps to speed the repair process and get equipment back to you quickly.


is Key


Quality is key in everything we do. It’s very easy to say ‘quality’, however we prove it. No two repair companies do the same thing, we have built our reputation on being reliable, transparent and trusted. Our electro-mechanical workshop is EASA accredited and we are an IECEx certified service facility for Ex repairs. We also publish our repair standard which shows the materials we use are superior to a standard OEM product. Our automation and servo workshops also enhance the products we repair and refurbish by using best engineering practice and superior replacement parts. By focussing on quality, we are able to offer industry-leading guarantees on our repairs, up to 36 months for some.

Keeping you updated on any repair is key and we have a team of customer service staff who work 24 hours too. They are the ones who by phone, email, web portal, our online app and/or through social messaging such as WhatsApp, will update you regularly on the status of your repairs. If you choose to use Fletcher Moorland to repair your equipment you will receive:

Our Services

A turnaround to suit you

With our standard service we will repair your equipment within 10 days (parts dependant). When an item is needed back urgently, it will be worked on 24 hours a day until completion.


This is an award winning and innovate service unique to us. We will send you a link to a video-share platform where the diagnostic engineer will detail the condition of your equipment. We will explain what we will do to repair, refurbish and/or enhance it. When the repair is complete, a further link will be sent showing the unit being tested and/or an explanation of the repair process we have carried out. We feel this really does show transparency and gives trust to our repair service.

iOS & Android app

As a lot of business interaction is mobile, we’ve developed our own app to speed up the flow of information. Search for Fletcher Moorland in your device’s app store and download it. You can arrange collections, check the status of items you have for repair, view SERVICEview videos, view your Meerkat condition monitoring dashboard, order parts and there will be other features added as we create them. Of course, there’s still the human touch if you prefer speaking to a member of the team on 01782 411021.


Free collection & delivery

For all standard service repairs up to 4 tonnes in weight, we will collect free-of-charge in mainland UK.

Free diagnosis and quotation

For all standard service quotations, a skilled diagnostics engineer will spend time analysing the unit and diagnosing the faults. This information will be compiled into the quote and SERVICEview video.

Obsolete equipment

A lot of the equipment we repair is obsolete but, there’s no need to be concerned. Just because the OEM has made the equipment obsolete, component parts to repair it are usually still available. In fact, some of the electronic equipment we repair was built in the 1960s.

Repair or

We find that we use the word ‘repair’ as we’ve become used to it. After all, we are a repair company. In fact, we don’t just repair a fault, what we do is to refurbish everything that comes into our workshops. Our policy is that everything is to be as good as it was when new, if not better. We can confidently say this because of the quality of materials used and processes carried out in the refurbishment.

Peace of

All refurbishments carried out by us are covered with a return-to-base warranty. We cover the whole unit (there are rare exceptions though) not just the work we’ve done.
  • Electronic Equipment – 12 months (18 and 24 months extended option)
  • Servo motors – 12 months
  • AC motor rewinds (3 phase) – 36 months
  • DC motor rewinds – 12 months
  • AC/DC motor overhauls – 12 months
  • Pump repairs – 12 months
  • Gearbox repairs – 12 months
  • Fan repairs – 12 months
  • Rail equipment – 18 months