Power Supply

It’s not surprising that power supplies (psus) are one of the most common items of electronic automation equipment we see for repair.

After all, they work hard keeping control systems powered up. It’s often components that wear out and come to the end of their operating life that causes a PSU to fail. In our experience it’s not uncommon to see PSUs that are only 2-3 years old for repair. These are usually ones that are built to a cost rather than to a high specification.




Very often PSUs are made obsolete by the manufacturer in a relatively short period of time, that’s not usually a problem for us. We repair and service PSUs for certain rail customers of ours who have PSUs that were built in the 1960s. Whether it’s a single output PSU, a programmable logic controller PSU, a servo drive PSU or a multi output water cooled PSU, our workshops can fully refurbish all types.

Any PSU repaired or serviced by us goes through a full refurbishment, we don’t just repair the fault. All components that are near end-of-life are replaced and often upgraded. In a PSU these are mainly the electrolytic capacitors, they wear out and become resistive. All these capacitors are upgraded with 105˚C low ESR types as opposed to the 85˚C types most manufacturers fit as standard. In our experience doing this gives a greater life to the PSU when it’s returned to you.

Key services

  • Full refurbishment and upgrade of wearing parts
  • Replacement of capacitors, opto-isolators, relays, cooling fans, analogue switches
  • Testing carried out on programmable dynamic loads
  • Thermal image capture of PSU on test
  • Static load test up to 100kW
  • SERVICEview video of testing
  • 12 month standard warranty

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