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Meerkat is a low cost, stand alone or cloud based, permanent condition monitoring system. It is a truly wireless product that messages you when pre-determined levels of machine vibration or temperature change.

Just think about the last time you were hit with an unplanned breakdown. Did anyone ask “Could this have been predicted?”. Well it could have been with our innovative condition monitoring system. Contact us and find out how Meerkat can save you thousands in unplanned downtime and lost production.

Meerkat is a very simple system to understand. It’s a fully wireless condition monitoring system.

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Simple yet

Meerkat is a system that is designed to be fit-and-forget. It can be retrofitted to almost any machine in any industry. Normal operating conditions are learnt by the system and alert levels are then set.

When Meerkat detects a change, a visible alert is shown on the control panel and an SMS message is sent to your maintenance teams.

Just think how powerful that will be to your organisation? A machine letting you know it needs attention.

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Benefits to you

Prevent Downtime
Just think of the last time you had an unexpected plant failure, how much did it cost your operation in downtime, lost production and lost profit? Now don’t you wish you could have predicted and prevented the failure? With a Meerkat system you can.
Easy to use
Meerkat is simple to install and can be installed on all your existing machinery. Once installed you can carry on with your maintenance tasks with peace-of-mind knowing the system is monitoring your machinery round-the-clock.
Early Warning
When plant machinery starts to fail, it will never get better on its own. It’s often a matter of judgement and sometimes good luck whether the machine is removed from service or a breakdown stops your plant. Meerkat will let your maintenance teams know that a machine needs attention.
Adaptable & Expandable
Meerkat is a fully modular system that can start off monitoring just a few machines and more sensors can be added to cover your entire plant.
Improve Safety
Traditional route based monitoring often requires operators to be close to moving machinery and on occasions some machinery cannot be accessed at all due to confined spaces or machine guarding. Meerkat removes the need to put operators in potentially hazardous situations.

Fully Online

The system is now a full online wireless vibration analysis system. Vibration and temperature is measured via sensors attached to the motor, pump, gearbox of fan unit. The data is transmitted over a wireless network with nodes capable of transmitting up to 3km. The data is then send via a GSM gateway to the cloud. The data is analysed by the Meerkat software. An online dashboard is available to monitor the data but the beauty of the system is that it can alert you when predetermined thresholds have been breached.


Broadband vibration and acceleration measured along with temperature.


Full FFT vibration and temperature


Monitoring system for ATEX areas


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