stepper motor repair

How a LinkedIn post resulted in a stepper motor repair for us

This is a LinkedIn success story where a referral enabled us to help a new customer. We were tagged into a post after a LinkedIn member posted a picture and a simple request for a motor repair. We replied to the post, along with many others initially offering help, we saw many recommendations for several companies which are where LinkedIn …

Servo Motor Repairs

Servo Motor Repairs; why electrical, electronic and mechanical skills are needed

Servo motors are very specialist and high precision motors. They contain both precessions mechanical and miniature electronic components. Repairs to them require a specialist set of skills in electronic, electrical and mechanical repair along with specialised test facilities.Fletcher Moorland is unique in that we are a fully integrated electromechanical and electronic repair centre with a dedicated servo repair department. We started …

ABB Motors

Getting ABB servo repairs right

Robot servo motors are critical to plant operation and production, Our customer who is a major automotive parts supplier had sent this ABB servo motor to his motor rewind company, who did in fairness say they could not repair servo motors and recommended they use us. We received the motor, a PS130/6 series servo motor on a Thursday afternoon and …

Watch How a Servo Motor is Refurbished

Watch How a Servo Motor is Refurbished

I’ve been asked by customers so many times “how do you refurbish servo motors?” Well here’s a video showing a pretty common (Siemens 1FT6044 type) servo motor being refurbished. It goes to show something we at Fletcher Moorland have been thorough on for years, that you need electrical, mechanical and electronic skills to correctly and successfully refurbish servo motors. Grab a …

Elau Servo Test Rig

Elau PacDrives and Servo Motors used in Food Processing and Packaging

Fast and reliable repairs to Elau PacDrives and Elau/Schneider servo motors from a leading UK repair company. Fletcher Moorland offers a true 24 hours, 7 days a week repair service for the Elau controllers C*00 series, the MC-4 Pacdrives and the SH & SM series servo motors. We can fully test all units in the drive system to guarantee repair. …

Rotating machine repair and refurbishment

Rotating Machine Repair

From the smallest precision servo motors used in positioning and robotic applications, to motors such as this 700Kw Siemens machine just offloaded today, Fletcher Moorland has a reputation for service and ability in all areas of rotating machine repair and refurbishment. Call 01782 411021 any time, any day, we’re always open.