Autostore Robot AS-35085 servo motor refurbishment

Autostore AS-35085 robot motor refurbishment


Autostore robot motors (part number AS-35085) are used on many of the Autostore robot units in distribution, sorter and pick systems worldwide.

The motors are an Engel GNM8070/4 permanent magnet DC servo motor. Our customers have found that these motors are either not readily available or on a long lead time so refurbishing these motors is seen as preferable. Our dedicated servo motor rebuild and refurbishment workshop can fully rebuild and refurbish these robot servo motors. Standard turnaround is one week however as we operate 24/7 we can usually refurbish within one day if needed. Every rebuild is covered with a guarantee equal to the OEM new product.

We've seen this part numbered as AS-35031 too but as far as a refurbishment is concerned, the same process is followed. All Autostore R5, R5+ and B1 robot motors can be refurbished.

Photo Credit - Autostore Systems.

The Autostore AS-35085 servo motors typically present with an earth fault or encoder error when they fail. 

Our refurbishment process involves stripping the motor and cleaning all internal parts. Measuring the bearing housings & journals and reclaiming where needed. Machining the commutator. Balancing the armature. Supplying and fitting new carbon brushes. Measuring the permanent magnet field strength. Supplying and fitting new bearings. Supplying and fitting a new encoder. Rebuilding the motor and fully testing.

We cover all refurbished AS-35085 servo motors with a 12 month guarantee.

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If you have an Autostore AS-35085 robot motor that needs refurbishing then please call or email. We are open and manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Here is a video link of a motor being tested after rebuild.

AS-35085 motor - acceptance test