stepper motor repair

How a LinkedIn post resulted in a stepper motor repair for us

This is a LinkedIn success story where a referral enabled us to help a new customer. We were tagged into a post after a LinkedIn member posted a picture and a simple request for a motor repair.

We replied to the post, along with many others initially offering help, we saw many recommendations for several companies which are where LinkedIn is great. Responses were made from the UK and the USA, I was also impressed by some of the responses declining to help if it was something not in their core business areas. It’s great how Linkedin members are happy to recommend companies and it proves that this business networking platform is a great resource for new business.

stepper motor repair

For those of you who are interested, we were able to bring life back to an old, obsolete stepper motor. The windings were burnt out and In my opinion, the company who had rewound this didn’t totally understand stepper motors. What happens when most stepper motors are dismantled, is the magnetic field collapses, to recover it, the motor needs re-magnetising. Without re-magnetising, the windings will burn out pretty quickly. That’s what we think happened, we also believe by giving this information on the first post, my company’s credibility was recognised and we had the repair from this.

The motor was rewound to our standard class ‘H’ insulation, the shaft, housing and journals all measured, the bearings were replaced, the motor was assembled and then re-magnetised in our magnetising jig. The result? well take a look at the video below of the motor running as it should.