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Getting ABB servo repairs right

ABB Motors

Robot servo motors are critical to plant operation and production, Our customer who is a major automotive parts supplier had sent this ABB servo motor to his motor rewind company, who did in fairness say they could not repair servo motors and recommended they use us. We received the motor, a PS130/6 series servo motor on a Thursday afternoon and they needed it back the following day.

We know servo motors and understand servo motor repair, ABB robot motors are made by one of three manufacturers. These are either Elmo, Tamagawa or Siemens (This may surprise some).

The motor we have was an Elmo ABB motor. We found the power connectors had been damaged and when the motor was connected to our test centre, we found the brake was slipping at 12Nm, way below the rated 20Nm. We stripped the motor and found the brake disk was contaminated as we expected. The motor was overhauled and a new brake disk was fitted from our stock.

New power connectors were fitted along with new bearings and oil seals. The resolver was aligned and the motor was tested to full load and power on our bespoke load test rig. After overhaul, we dynamically tested the brake which held to over 28Nm.

The motor was sent back to our customer and refitted to the robot ready for production the following day. We also guarantee our work with a 12 month ‘in service’ warranty.