SERVIVEview Fletchermoorland

SERVICEview – Transparency in the repair industry

Wouldn’t it be great to see exactly what happens when you send equipment for repair or servicing?

We’ve created SERVICEview for greater transparency and trust for our customers. Now, when you send an item of equipment away for servicing or repair, you’ll receive a video link to the condition of it and the faults found. What’s more, we will send another video link to explain the work we’ve carried out and the testing was done.

We believe this is unique in our industry, and as innovators, we believe it’s time disrupt the usual notion of emailing photos or text-heavy reports to get a message across. It’s been met with great responses from our customers and we’ve had new customers come to us just on the strength of this service alone.

In just 30 – 90 seconds we can say what would take several pages of documentation, for example, the failure mode of an electric motor, the damage to a pump’s internals, the condition of a servo motor brake, the damage to a PCB and the contamination in an inverter.

What’s more this service is free!

Why not give us a call us on 01782 411021, and benefit from this innovation in the industry.

Watch our video and see how SERVICEview works.