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Midas Touch Screen Repaired

Our quick and reliable repair service has always been admired in the industry and one Tuesday night recently we were called on by a well known crisp manufacturer to help them out. They had a Midas PC1090.2 touch-screen controller that had failed quite abruptly, it quite literally went blank.

We collected the controller and bought it back to our workshops where our night-shift team of engineers quickly diagnosed the faults to be a blown PSU and faulty backlights. The PSU was repaired and refurbished by one of our engineers whilst another concentrated on removing and re-fitting the new delicate backlights we keep in stock. When the controller was assembled and powered up we also found the touch screen was out of calibration, this was re-calibrated and the controller was tested before being sent back at 04:00 on the following day.

As part of our role in helping to prevent failures our reliability engineering team carried out a Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) on the unit to determine why it failed. This information we fed back to our customer, knowing they have other controller of this type, and have suggested a refurbishment program for the remaining controllers during a planned shutdown rather than risk a sudden stop in production.

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