When it really pays off to refurbish not just repair

Allen Bradley Servo Motor Repair & Refurbishment

Many customers think of Fletcher Moorland as a company who repair automation equipment, whilst that is true in one respect, we have a rule when it comes to our repair process. All repairs are to be as good as, if not better than new’ – Quite a bold statement indeed.
We stand by this because instead of just carrying out a repair we refurbish the entire unit. Take this Allen Bradley 1391 servo drive (1391-DES45-DI) for example. When connected to our test rig it ran but was very jerky. The fault on this occasion was down to the bus sense resistors. We could have just replaced these and sent the unit back working, however we know this unit would have come back pretty soon after with another fault.

We don’t want that and neither do our customers. Our process calls for a strict refurbishment where all parts that can deteriorate with age are replaced. From our extensive experience with this servo drive it means replacing all the cooling fans, the contactors, PCB connectors, High speed opto-isolators, all electrolytic capacitors (upgrading them to 105°C low ESR types), all bus capacitors, all push buttons and relays. It is imperative that skilled engineers are used when reworking any PCB so no further faults are introduced, we have seen on occasions, poor soldering that we have had to rework. All our engineers are certified to IPC7711/21, an internationally recognised rework standard. We did of course replace the faulty bus sense resistors too before testing the drive under load.

Our customers know that equipment repaired and refurbished by us will enjoy long term reliable operation.

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