Taking a lead from Amazon but maintaining that personal touch – an innovative way of keeping track of numerous repair items

asset management

I’m pretty sure we all want to keep things simple in life, I for one certainly do. Just imagine now that you’re responsible for keeping track of all electrical, electronic and mechanical repairs sent out from your processing or production facility. I’m guessing you will have parts at numerous suppliers and keeping track of all of them can be difficult; especially when there’s engineers and production staff asking “When’s that Control Techniques VSD coming back from repair?” You probably put a call into the company to ask for a delivery date right?

Well we’ve created a system to make your life easier, and we’ve taken our lead from Amazon, I’m sure you’ve all used Amazon as a convenient source for all sorts of goods. I find that using their delivery tracking and order history a doddle, I know what’s still due and when my goods are due to arrive.

Now imagine a system like this for repair items sent out? you can simply log onto our secure site and see which repairs are still outstanding, when repairs are due back, download any test documentation, activate warranties, view testing videos, keep a track on monthly costs and see which repairs require order numbers.

Here’s a typical screen-shot of a customers open-orders screen where from one screen, every item can be viewed and actioned if needed.

open jobs

Each item can be inspected further by selecting the repair item, a photo showing the item pops up, quotes can be seen and accepted online, invoices downloaded, repair documentation and testing videos seen. We’ve made it really simple to get the information you want. From a reliability point of view, you can see how often items are repaired as each item is tracked by its serial number.

job details

Of course we don’t want to loose the personal touch, so we are open and manned 24 hours every day of the week including weekends where our customer services team will be able to help too, just call 01782 411021.

What’s more, this service is free-of-charge to our customers. Just call us and ask for your username and password.

Why not call us and try this service for yourself and see how we can simplify your repairs tracking?

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