Siemens S120 Servo Test Rig

Siemens Sinamics S120 Test Rig

Siemens S120 Servo Test RigThe Sinamics S120 modular motion control drives are designed for high performance dive applications. Brought into the marketplace in 2008 these drives are now coming out of OEM warranty. The automation development team at Fletcher Moorland have built a test rig and completed OEM training on this highly specialised drives system to offer a complete repair and test service.

What is quite special about this system is that all parts of the drive train are in direct communication with one another using Siemens DriveCliq system. The controller, PSU, Drive, motor and encoder and all linked by this common digital interface.

Whilst that makes the commissioning easy as all parts are detected automatically by the DriveCliq cable, it means to fully test a repair of either controller/PSU/Drive or motor. It needs to be carried out as part of the complete motion control system.

With the test rig built by our team it means we have the ability to test all Sinamics S120 components such as the 6SL3 modules and all the Siemens AC servo motors from 1FT5 through to the 1FK8 series.

What’s more, we offer a full 12 month ‘in service’ guarantee to our repairs.