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See video updates on your repairs via SERVICEview

Fletcher Moorland’s service has always been centred on our customers’ needs and providing positive experiences. We do this by ensuring that our repair service is not only fast and reliable, but that we also keep customers informed and updated on the progress of their repairs. This is why we introduced SERVICEview in 2015, a value-added innovation that gives our customers an in-depth update in video format.

Through a visual medium, our customers are able to actually see the repair progress and better understand the process. Naturally this innovation has proven extremely popular with our customers, as many videos have been requested showing a wide range of updates.

These can include faults found with motors, an explanation of our recommended solution, a diagnostic report on a generator, the programming of an encoder on a servo motor, a flame-path condition report on an Ex motor, load testing of a VSD, and the screen of a repaired HMI.

Video examples

A VSD load test:

View the video here.

PCB diagnosis:

View the video here.

Power supply load test:

View the video here.

7.5 Kw Vacuum pump condition report:

View the video here.

Simple access to SERVICEview

Customers can quickly and easily access SERVICEview by clicking on a link that we send to them via email. The system was specially designed to enable direct communication with our BOS computer operating system, which means that there is a direct communication channel with our workshop and the engineers repairing the equipment.

Free exclusively for customers

This service is available for free to Fletcher Moorland customers. To request a video update, diagnostic report or final test video, please contact your dedicated account manager or our customer services team the next time you send us an item for repair.

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