“White gloves in a repair workshop. I bet they don’t stay white for long!”

Three times this was picked up on recently and all from visitors to our workshops. I have no idea what people expect when they visit a workshop, I should say that these people were buyers and not engineers. Maybe engineering still holds onto it’s wrongly-perceived image of ‘being dirty’ but engineering isn’t always about dirty shitty environments.

Ok, sometimes we do get items in for repair that aren’t used in the cleanest of environments, but they are swiftly cleaned off before anyone starts work on those.

Engineering, even our branch of electrical and mechanical engineering that deals with repair and refurbishment of industrial equipment needs to be clean and precise.

Ron is wearing white gloves as he wants to keep the coils he’s inserting in this 3.3kV electric motor stator clean. It’s all about attention to detail, care and cleanliness when it comes to doing a great job.

If you ever get the chance to visit mine or other repair workshops then go and do it. You may come away with a different perception of engineering.