What’s in a repair workshop?

What's in a repair workshop?

Well why not take a look?

We always encourage our customers and potential customers to come and take a look around our facility. What’s amazing are the comments we hear afterwards.

“Your place is like the Tardis”, “I never know you did……”, ” I never expected you to do so much”, “You’ll be getting all our repairs from now on”, “Wow, what a setup you have”

In fact the General manager of EASA (European and World Chapter) said that we have one of the best workshops he’s ever seen.

So why not come and take a look around our Electro-Mechanical, Industrial Automation and Servo Workshops? If you don’t have time just yet then don’t worry, we’ve created a Google Tour, just like Google’s Street View where you can have a look around. Just follow this link –

Works Tour

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