This smart building just got smarter!

This smart building just got smarter!

52-54 Lime Street in the City of London’s financial district is known as The Scalpel due to its ‘sharp’ design.

But did you know…
It is 190 metres high,
Has 40 showers,
Has 396 cycle parking spaces,
and now it has a MEERKAT condition monitoring system installed!

Rich and his team have been busy this week installing a 258 point system that will monitor vibration and temperature on the building’s pumps and fans.

Condition monitoring is carried out on equipment for one important reason, to prevent it failing in service. The failure of a pump or fan means the heating and ventilation system doesn’t do its job properly. That’s going to mean an uncomfortable and possibly unhealthy environment and unhappy tenants.

Meerkat is a system that keeps watch on critical equipment.

Meerkat beat off its competition because it is fully wireless so can be installed on equipment without intrusive cabling works. It is alert and monitors 24 hours a day. It has the ability to scale readings to the equipment operating speeds. It’s cloud based and doesn’t require specialist knowledge to interpret the data. Then, when a problem is detected, it will automatically alert maintenance teams to take action.

Meerkat certainly is going up in the World!