Solutions have saved money

Cleveland Potash

A company which operates the deepest mine in the UK to produce potash for fertiliser is benefitting from Fletcher Moorland expertise. Cleveland Potash, based in Saltburn-by-the-Sea, north of Whitby,works closely with Fletcher Moorland who design and manufacture control equipment used on underground mining machines. Other work includes repairing and refurbishing Cleveland Potash’s explosion-proof motors.

Stuart Nielson, Production Electrical Engineer for Cleveland Potash, said: “Currently they repair our flame-proof mining motors as well as carrying out repairs and testing on our Miner DC traction drive modules. “However the main benefit to ourselves, is that their electronics engineers have been able to re-engineer several devices and systems that have become obsolete. Without these parts we would have lost the production capability of several of our operating machines. “Fletcher Moorland’s expertise has enabled us to save money with engineering solutions.”

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