Reception Makeover

Fletcher Moorland Reception

The reception area at Fletcher Moorland has just been given a makeover. As we are now experiencing an increase in new and existing customers coming to visit our fantastic workshop facilities, we thought that a new reception area was needed to replace the old slide-screen window that had served us since the 1980s.

Now when you visit Fletcher Moorland, Denise will be the friendly face to welcome you.

We have a bright and comfortable waiting area to take a cup of freshly brewed tea or coffee where you can read our company timeline, from the beginnings in 1945, through to the present day and even our plans for future growth.

There’s probably a free pen to take away too.

If you’ve ever thought of visiting us and touring our world-class repair facility please get in touch or email

Fletcher Moorland Ltd.
Elenora Street

T: 01782 411021