On-line condition monitoring

There certainly is a growing interest for on-line condition monitoring of plant.

But it might not be right for you…..

If you’re happy with a run-to-failure system and the downtime costs that come with it, this post won’t interest you.

If you embrace technology and see how having an early warning of failure is useful, here’s one such system being installed.

This week my guys are installing a 270 point system at 7 pumping stations that provide water to parts of London.

The system is really simple to use and understand, this particular installation monitors vibration, temperature and flow.

Battery powered sensors are mounted to the motors and pumps, these send data (up to 1km) over a wireless network to gateway hubs. The hubs send the data to the cloud via GSM network. The data is monitored by our Meerkat software system. When it detects a change in operating condition it automatically alerts maintenance or operational teams, giving crucial time to sort the problem.

The beauty of the system is that is doesn’t need to have people to take measurements. It is monitoring and alert 24 hours a day.

Who wouldn’t want an early warning of a piece of equipment failing?

Happy to talk about our system if you wish.