Obsolete PCB Manufacture

Obsolete PCB Manufacture

Don’t let obsolescence be a problem – Manufacture of obsolete PCBs

Obsolete PCB ManufactureThe Newcastle-under-Lyme division of an American global courier delivery services company, recently commissioned Fletcher Moorland to manufacture PCBs for a machine they have to support for the next 10 years. The problem was the controls and PCBs were already obsolete.

We guarantee our customers a solution whether it be repair, refurbishment, replacement or retrofit. On this occasion it was a retrofit of an obsolete Rapistan controller.

Our R&D team reverse engineered the main control PCB and quickly learnt there were many old and obsolete components on the board. The PCB was redesigned using modern and available components whilst maintaining the dimensions of the original PCB. This way we kept the PCB the same fit, form and function as the original. This approach helps the maintenance staff on site as they can easily swap-out the old PCBs with new with the minimum amount of downtime and fuss.

We manufactured a batch of PCBs (the photograph shows the original PCB on the left with our design on the right) and our customer knows he has confidence in keeping his line running without obsolescence issues for the next 10 years.

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