Meerkat saves a car plant €316,000 in six months!

automotive plant confirmed HUge saving due to Meerkat!


One UK automotive plant has confirmed a €316,000 saving in just six months by installing a Meerkat Remote Condition Monitoring System in their paint plant.

This site specified a system to monitor vibration, temperature and current on their paint plant air handing units. Typically a paint plants can suffer fan failures due to a number of reasons. One of those is paint build-up on the fan impellor. The build-up of paint can cause excessive vibration on the fan due to imbalance and if left alone, would eventually cause a failure on the direct drive motor. Meerkat detected changes and alerted the maintenance teams so they could take action to prevent in-service failures.

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Unplanned stoppages and downtime are unwanted in all industries but from our experience over the years, those in automotive plants tend to cause the biggest headaches, plenty of scrutiny and the greatest losses.

Having a system to monitor and to alert when there is a problem in the early stages is certainly preferable to dealing with the aftermath of a failure. That's what a remote monitoring system such as Meerkat gives you.

This is a fantastic example of just how powerful timely preventative maintenance data can be for an organisation.


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