Meerkat has now gone Ex!

Meerkat, the award winning condition monitoring system is now available for Ex zones.

After some great work by my innovations team and collaboration with a sensor manufacturer, I’m really excited to be launching the Ex version of Meerkat.

Designed to measure vibration and temperature (including surface temperature) changes in rotating machinery it detects problems happening before failure.

It’s still wireless, it still has the same easy-to-use web browser portal, it still gives an early warning of failure yet now can be used in Ex zones.

I find that the best way to show something is to actually show it, not just talk about it or print shiny leaflets describing it. So as we’ve now had the first confirmed orders for Meerkat(Ex), when the installations are complete and the systems are up and running, we’ll be showing them. That’s as long as I can have a camera in the Ex zone!