Increase productivity of your equipment

Do you want to increase productivity from your equipment?

Then listen to what your plant is doing.

Remote condition monitoring doesn’t just monitor the health of your equipment.

It can give you crucial information as to things happening in your process operation too.

Take a look at this example.

A potential customer wanted to take a look at our monitoring system so a demo unit was fitted to an extraction fan.

The sensor setup in this case was a combined vibration and temperature sensor mounted to the drive-end of an 18.5kW fan motor.

All the data is monitored in the cloud.

A surprising and sudden increase in vibration was noted (as seen on the graph). up from 5mm/s to over 15mm/s. Running in this condition would certainly shorten the life of the motor.

The reason? waste product has got into the system. It shouldn’t have happened but it did. Operators were alerted to the issue, the debris was cleared and the vibration levels went back to normal.

Potential failure and downtime averted.

This technology is available right now and it gives you a real commercial advantage to know what your plant is doing.

There’s a reason plants who use these systems have World class output figures…they work!