What goes into repairing Automation Equipment?

What goes into repairing Automation Equipment?

I’m often asked by customers and prospects alike “What do you actually do when repairing automation equipment?”

Well it’s a topic I’m passionate about and have built my career around repairing and refurbishing electro-mechanical and automation equipment. If we had the time and several beers I could go on for hours about what the processes and techniques we use to repair. Instead I’ve put together this video which I used in a presentation in Norway recently (February 2016) to show a rather unusual AC motor drive being diagnosed, repaired, refurbished and fully tested in our UK facility.

There are many companies in the automation repair and refurbishment business, a good job really as no company can repair everything and we all have our own specialities and niche services to support our customers.

I hope you enjoy watching the video and If you have any comments then please contact me matt@fletchermoorland.co.uk

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