Data in Production Environments

Data can tell us so much about what’s going on in a production environment. It can help to prevent unplanned downtime too but only if you’re looking in the right places and at the right data.

What would you do if you had this data given to you about a fan bearing on a critical piece of your production equipment?

Well I hope you’d say “Go and investigate it!”, or “Do something about it!”

Well, the business that has this data is going to, vibration over the past week has been increasing and there is bearing damage. They are going to replace the bearings on a critical fan unit and balance the fan this weekend.

They are only able to do this because they have an early warning, permanent wireless condition monitoring system in place…MeerkatOne. Without it, an unplanned stoppage would eventually happen with all the costs of an unplanned downtime too.

So catching problems early seems simple doesn’t it? Monitor what your equipment is doing to prevent unplanned downtime.

Are you doing it yet?

MeerkatOne – A simple yet effective early warning system.
MeerkatPro – A full wireless vibration analysis system.
MeerkatEx – A new system for Ex zones.