Celebrating 70 Years of Service

Sam W. Fletcher

It was during 1946 that Electrical Rewinds and Supplies started life as a business, set-up by Sam Fletcher and his then business partner to support the local pottery, mining and manufacturing industries. Now in 2016 we celebrate 70 years in business, still owned and managed by the founding Fletcher family with Matt Fletcher, the third generation, heading the business.

Just taking a look at Sam Fletcher’s business card from then and comparing to mine now, I see very little has really changed.

Both say who the card is presenting, a title, a business name, an address, a phone number, a brief description of the business (ok mine has this info on the back) But it’s the fact that Sam Fletcher put his home phone number on this card, Ash Bank 295, that I find amazing. Back then in 1946 he understood that providing great customer service was paramount to his success. I think it’s such a powerful commitment to a customer saying  ‘If you want me, you can phone me at home!’

Ok nowadays mobile phones are used to contact people wherever they are, and our facility is manned 24 hours a day, every day of the year. However it is that commitment to great customer service which has brought us to our first 70 years in business, and will continue to see us to our next 70 years.


Fletcher Moorland Ltd.
Elenora Street

T: 01782 411021
E: matt@fletchermoorland.co.uk