Better maintenance decisions

“What if you had data to make better maintenance decisions?”
“What if that data could save you time and money?”
“What if you had this data without having people come to your site?”

“Would you make use of it?”

…Well hopefully that’s a no-brainer, of course you would.
Better maintenance decisions, time and money savings, fewer people on your site…Surely these are all positive things?

Here’s how one business is using data from production machinery to do just that.

A UK car manufacturing plant used to clean paint shop extraction fans on a PM schedule. Paint build-up takes the fans out-of-balance and leads to failure. Yet with an increased demand on maintenance teams, anything to ‘free up’ more time had to be welcomed.

The solution? well in this case, harvest data from the fans as to their health. This company has done that by installing a Meerkat online condition monitoring system. So now, vibration data is sampled, sent to the cloud and when a threshold is breached, an email & SMS message is sent to the maintenance teams.

This example shows the monitoring dashboard. One fan has now hit threshold and the maintenance teams have been alerted for action.

Smart data = smart maintenance.
Save time = save money.
Online system = safer sites.