Benefits of online condition monitoring

More and more people are seeing the benefit of having online condition monitoring systems installed on critical plant equipment.

Josh is programming these base-stations for our largest installation of Meerkat so far. 405 vibration and temperature points will soon be monitored by these eight base-stations in one facility.

Data will be captured 24 hours a day and via a wireless network and then GSM, this data is sent to the cloud based Meerkat monitoring software.

The beauty of these systems is that you don’t need to do anything when they are installed. You don’t need to be a vibration analysis expert at all. The system monitors all the data and only when a change in condition is noted, you get an alert via email or SMS that either a motor, fan or pump needs some attention before it fails.

It is this time to prevent an unexpected production loss that is the most valuable aspect of such a system. (well, according to our customers it is)

They also remove the need to gain access to equipment that is installed in hard-to-access positions such as roof spaces or confined spaces.

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