Beneficial areas to install online condition monitoring

Plant rooms are often some of the most beneficial areas to install online condition monitoring. They are vital to production and are often shut away behind closed doors. This means that in a lot of industries, problems are only reaslied when it’s too late when a motor, pump or fan has failed.

This pump plant room provides coolant for a factory process. If any of these pumps fail, the production output reduces. That’s not good news for any operations or production manager.

So, being proactive, the owner of this facility has taken steps to fit an online condition monitoring system to have an early warning of any problem arising.

The system they chose was our MeerkatONE system. Just a few technical details now. This is a 40 point installation with each point measuring vibration and temperature. The system works on a wireless network to keep installation costs down and then sends the data to the cloud via a GSM network. All the data is visible on any web browser. The MeerkatONE system works on thresholds, when normal operation conditions are learnt a threshold is created. The system automatically alerts when a breach occurs. It’s that alert that gives you time to sort the problem before downtime hits that’s so valuable.