1916 – Our founder, Sam Fletcher began his apprenticeship at Howells Electric Motors Ltd.

History of Fletcher Moorland

1946 – ‘Electrical Rewinds & Supplies’ was formed by Sam Fletcher and his business partner to repair and rewind electric motors for local industries such as pottery manufacturers, coil mines, steelworks and quarries.

History of Fletcher Moorland

1952 – Part of our present site was purchased, 32A Elenora Street, it was a former coal merchant’s yard.

History of Fletcher Moorland

1961 – Fletcher Bickerton Ltd was incorporated to takeover the original partnership of Electrical Rewinds & Supplies.

History of Fletcher Moorland

1966 – Malcolm Fletcher, son of Sam Fletcher, joined the company after completing his training at the English Electric Company.

History of Fletcher Moorland

1970 – Fletcher Bickerton expanded into the complete electro-mechanical service adding pump, fan and gearbox repairs to its AC & DC motor service.

History of Fletcher Moorland

1981 – Moorland Electronics was formed to service electronic drives and PCB’s, possibly the first independent electronics repair company in the UK.

History of Fletcher Moorland

1984 – Our company’s founder, Sam Fletcher, passed away in his eighty first year.

1985 – We launched our ‘24 hour working’ service to support emergency and urgent repairs, and have remained open ever since.

1988 – Became one of the first UK companies to achieve BS5750 now (BS EN ISO9001:2008)

History of Fletcher Moorland

1996 – Matt Fletcher, son of Malcolm Fletcher, joined the company after gaining his degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

1997 – We purchased additional buildings next to our Stoke works and transferred all our operations to one facility.

2006 – We celebrated 60 years as an independent family owned business.

2007 – Diane Mansell was appointed to the board as Operations Director.

2008 – Matt Fletcher took control of the business through an MBO and became Managing Director.

2008 – Geoff Rigby was appointed to the board as Technical Director.

2009 – Achieved the status of an SKF certified rebuilder (Electric Motors) to help improve standards in the industry.

2010 – Expanded our servo motor repair facility with a major £250,000 investment.

History of Fletcher Moorland

2011 – Matt Fletcher joined council for both our trade associations AEMT & EASA.

2013 – Our electronics repair facility doubled in size to cater for demand for our repair service.

2013 – ‘Agreement in principle’ reached with our local council to expand our operations in Stoke on Trent.

History of Fletcher Moorland

The future – Fletcher Moorland has focused on 4 main business areas to drive our growth forward, these being

  • Electro-Mechanical Repair
  • Servo & Spindle Repair
  • Automation Repair Service
  • Specialist Manufacturing