Servo & Spindle Repair

Servo & Spindle RepairsIs it a motor? Is it electronic? In fact, servo motors are unique, they are as much a motor as they are an electronic item. To repair a servo motor reliably, skills in electro-mechanical repair are needed as much as skills in electronics. Over 60% of the 2,500 servo motors we repair each year have mechanical failure as their main root cause.

Our servo motor repair facility is the envy of many companies. We have been investing heavily in equipment and training for over 25 years in servo repair. Some say we were the first in the UK to get it right.

We have experience in over 500 different types and makes of servo, spindle & stepper motor. Our testing facility for repaired motors is unique in being the only one of its type (that we know of) that can dynamically & fully load test a servo motor throughout its entire speed and load range. This enables you to have full confidence in our repairs.

Come and tour our repair & testing facility, those who have, become loyal customers. You can trust our services through our years of experience and understanding in what is needed from a repair company.

Servo Systems

Fletcher Moorland are specialist servo motor repairers.
Our skills in electronics repair and electro mechanical repair have enabled us to build a dedicated servo motor repair facility that offers reliable, fully load tested, guaranteed servo motor repairs for most major brands, and at a very competitive price.

Servo Motor Repair

Servo Motor Testing

Common Servo Motor Failures

Servo Motor Makes & Types

Why Mechanical & Electronic Skills Are Needed

Spindle Motor Repair

High speed AC spindle motors are used in a variety of applications from CNC machine tools to woodworking equipment.These motors are high precision machines and require specialist testing facilities compared to standard AC motors.

Spindle Motor Repair