Servo Motor Makes & Types

Servo Makes & TypesThere are many makes, types and models of servo motor used throughout all industrial applications. We have, and are continually developing ways to repair and test each type that we come across. Over the past 25 years we have developed test rigs for a number of servo motor makes and models.

Below is a list of a some of the many motors we can repair and test fully.

Manufacturer                         Motor Types

ABB                                         MU10, MU20, MU30, Series 8, 4414,4423,8643, 8651, 8652

AMK                                        Amkasyn

Allen Bradley                          1326AB, 1326AS, 1326DS, F Series, H Series, N Series, W Series, Y Series

ASB                                        ACM

Baldor                                     BSM, MT, PLV

Banmuller                               DS, DSD, DSG

Bosch                                     SD, SE, SF, SR

Control Techniques                Dutymax DS, Dutymax MS, Unimotor SL, Unimotor UM, NTE, Matador DCM

Elau                                       SB

Electrocraft                            B-2000 Series, B-3600 Series, F-4000 Series, H Series, S-100 Series, S-2000 Series, S-3000 Series, S-4000 Series, I Series, S642, S644

Eurotherm                             AC RL, AC M2N, AC MHx Series, AC Mn Series, AC G Series

Fanuc                                   Alpha Series, Alpha i Series, Beta Series, Beta I Series, S Series, F Series, T Series, C Series (All A06B-0xxx part codes)

Gettys                                  16, M235, SF Series, SP Series, SW Series, SX Series

Indramat                              MAC, MHD, MKD, MKE, 2AD, Ecodrive, Diax

Kawasaki                             BL Series, BM Series, BS Series

Kollmorgen                          6SM, TT, XT, H Series, Goldline Series, Silverline Series

Lenze                                  MAS Series, MCS Series, MDFK, MDSK, MDFO

Mavilor                                Bl Series, BLS, BLT, MAS

Moog                                  Fastact, FAS Series, FAS-N Series, 300 Series, 400 Series, 410 Series

Nachi                                  MSM, MFM, MFA, (USADED similar to Yaskawa D Series)

Nikki Denso                        NA20, Actus Power

NUM                                  BHL, BMH, BMS, BPG, BPH (Lexum Series), SER, Servomac, Monodrive, M Series

Oemer                               QCAVM, QCAVS

Pacific Scientific                 MS, MA, S Series, F, Series, R Series, DSM, PMA

Parker Automation             SM Series, SMB Series, SE Series, BE Series, M Series, J Series, AC G Series, EX Series

Parker Hannifin                  MH, SMH

Reliance                             See Allen Bradley & Electrocraft motors

Sanyo Denki                      27BM, 65BM, 66BM, BL Super, Super U, 827, 865, 866

Schnieider                         RECM, SER, See NUM motors

SEM                                  HD, HR, MT

Servoantriebstechnik       4AL

Siemens                           1FT5 Series, 1FT6 Series, 1FK6 Series, 1FK7 Series, 1PA6 Spindle Series, 1PA7 Spindle Series, 1HU Series

Stromag                           FAP Series, FIP Series, FLP Series

Telemachanique              See NUM motors

Vickers                            See Moog motors

Yaskawa                         USA Series, D Series, F Series, M Series, S Series