Ex Motor Repair

Have confidence your Ex equipment repairer is competent under IEC 60079-19:(2006)

Ex LogoFletcher Moorlands’ Electro-mechanical workshop has been audited and certified by Sira Certification Ltd to become an IEC Ex Certified Service Facility for the repair and overhaul of electric motors and other non­-electrical equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres. The company is the only one in the Midlands and North West to achieve this internationally recognised status.

The IEC Ex scheme provides Ex equipment users, regulators and the community with the confidence that Ex safety is maintained when Ex equipment is overhauled or repaired in accordance with IEC60079-19:( 2006} If you work in Oil refining, Chemical processing, Sewerage treatment, Mining, Food processing or Paper making industries then you are likely to use Ex equipment.

It is still not widely understood that this standard places far more onus on the end-user of repaired equipment to ensure that it is fit for purpose and that it meets all of the requirements of the relevant sections of the regulations. Users may subcontract Ex repairs but they are still responsible for ensuring that Ex equipment is safe to use and that the repairer is competent to repair Ex equipment. The legal responsibility for the consequences of any shortcomings falls directly back to the end user of Ex equipment if they cannot prove the repairer is competent.

Ex equipment use and maintenance falls under DSEAR regulations 2002. These came into force on 30th June 2006 and are legal requirements for end-users and owners. This is UK law, enforced by the Health and Safety Executive, Local Authorities, Fire Brigades and Petroleum Licensing Authorities.

Our IEC certification covers repairs, overhaul and reclamation to the following Ex protection concepts

  • Dusts to IEC 61241-1
  • Flameproof enclosure ‘d’
  • Increased safety ‘e’
  • Non sparking ‘n’
  • Constructional safety ‘c’

IECX Certificate