Engineering Projects

Fletcher Moorland is perfectly placed to handle your stand alone or maintenance led engineering projects. With an in house team of electrical, electronic, mechanical and reliability solutions engineers; we can plan and execute a wide variety of improvement projects for your plant. Here are several examples of engineering projects we have been trusted to deliver for our customers.

Food Manufacturing

Redesign, manufacture and installation of pump beds to solve an ongoing reliability issue.

Automotive Supply Chain

Retrofit and upgrade of a CNC machine at a cost of £120,000 less than the manufacturer quoted to support the same machine.

Food Manufacturing

Site audit of electrical panels of which some were in poor repair and not up to current specifications. Design, build and install new panels.

Food Manufacturing

On site survey to download all software in HMI and control panels, then uploaded to a customer accessible ‘Software vault’ providing a safe and available source for machine software.

New Controls for the Norwegian Oil & Gas Market
Manufacturing for the Rail Industry

Automotive Industry

Design a method to detect cracks in robotic handling equipment for car body parts. Build the equipment and carry out on-site training.

Automotive Industry

Design and build a laser shaft alignment rig and provide training to operators to improve equipment reliability.

Rail Industry

Manufacture of obsolete smoothing chokes for a rail passenger operator, enabling them to keep rolling stock on-track instead of in maintenance sheds.

Retail Distribution

Remanufacture of a bespoke linear motor/drive/controller unit with a tight footprint, Allowing the existing sorter system to operate without fear of part obsolescence.

Parcel Distribution

Reverse engineer, design and manufacture of obsolete controller PCBs to save a forced upgrade from the OEM, saving £25,000.


Reverse engineer, design and manufacture of obsolete PCBs used in logistic support services.

PCB Manufacture for the MOD